Feral Pigeon Removal Dunfermline: Feral pigeon’s build their nest’s in or on building’s and other structure’s like bridge’s.

They foul building’s creating an unwanted unsightly mess with there acidic dropping’s.

Dropping’s also pose a significant hazard to pedestrian’s because of the potential for slipping on there dropping’s.

One disease passed from bird’s to man is Psittacosis but over 40 more disease’s can be passed from the feral pigeon’s to human’s.

We can remove the Pigeons and Clear any droppings and nesting materials.

Feral Pigeon Removal Dunfermline:

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  • Our Pigeon Control service offer’s a service to Farm, Domestic and Commercial propertie’s.
  • We have fully trained, experienced pest controllers covering the Fife area.
  • We shall destroy the Pigeon infestation and in addition we can also offer a proofing service.
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Finally we offer a 24/7 Feral Pigeon Removal, Vermin and Pest Control Service’s by appointment.

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Feral Pigeon Removal Dunfermline